VOS-ORG is a research-led narrative design practice founded by Nele Vos, working collaboratively to research, develop and design projects reaching from 2D: visual identities and editorial projects to 3D: retail environments, exhibitions and site specific installations and activities.

Areas of interest include new approaches to communication design in the built environment, and projects that reconsider heritage, narrative and place.

Nele Vos has about 10 years’ experience in communication design, managing projects and engaging audiences, working with and for organisations including the Times Square Alliance, The Open University and TENT. Rotterdam.

Furthermore her recent self initiated traveling installation The Citizenshop took part of the ‘Who are We?’ TATE Exchange exhibition in March 2017 at TATE Modern in London aiming at civic engagement through contrasting different concepts and needs for citizenship.

Born in a small town in Germanys Ruhrgebiet area she has lived and worked in New York, Rotterdam and London. In 2008 she finished her BA in Graphic Design at ArtEZ, in Arnhem NL and recently completed a postgraduate in Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins with Distinction. Since 2016 Nele is living and working in Berlin.


01/2018 (UK)
Central Saint Martins
MA Narrative Environments
External Critic
Work in Progress Show

Interview Feature
Project Release: Unequal Journeys
Open Democracy

05/2017 (UK)
Clerkenwell Gallery, London
The Citizenshop – Installation
30th May – 6th June

03/2017 (UK)
TATE Exchange – Who are We?
The Citizenshop – Installation
TATE Museum of Modern Art
14th – 21th of March, London

01/2017 (UK)
Central Saint Martins
MA Narrative Environments
External Critic
Work in Progress Show

09/10 /2016 (UK)
Central Saint Martins, Lethaby Gallery

2016 (UK)
Central Saint Martins
Final year exhibition
21rst – 26th June

2016 (IT)
Citizenshop – Nominated Projects
MUDEC Milan during
Design Week Milan

2016 (FR)
Citizenshop – Nominated Projects
Palais de Tokyo
Do Disturb!

2016 (UK)
Citizenshop Installation
Bethnal Green Road
5 – 6 March 2016

2015 (UK)
The Future of Urban Resilience
Community Responses to Climate Change 2025

2014 (NL)
Small Talks
Interview: About the Process.
AIGA, Chicago

2013 (NL)
Turning Pages, Editorial Design for Print Media,
Work contribution
Die Gestalten, Berlin

2013 (NL)
Volume #31: Guilty Landscapes,
The Great Plastic Tide

2013 (NL)
Volume #32: Centers Adrift,
Search and Supply

2013 (DK)
Danish Poster Museum Aarhus,
Poster contribution
Education Requires People, Money & Instruments

2013 (US)
The New Yorker Magazine,
Book review
Don’t: a Guide to Publicity in NYC,
designed for Public NYC

2013 (US)
Graphic Union Press NYC,
Nature vs Culture by Nele Vos
Ongoing research on the appearance of nature
in the urban environment.

04/2013 (D)
Curation N.A.T.U.R. Festival, Bochum

04/2012 (ESP)
Citysalad exhibition at Mutuo Art
Centre by SHS Publishers, Barcelona

03/2012 (NL)
Teaching project-week Have we met?
Information-design at Willem de Kooning
Academy, Rotterdam, NL

01/2012 (NL)
Citysalad exhibition at Proeftuin!
Showroom Arnhem, NL

05/2011 (NL)
Launch of Citysalad at Zaait!
Rotterdamse Oogst on Noordplein, NL

09/2011 (NL)
Citysalad presentation at Imagine 2020,
festival at Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam, NL

02 /2010 (NL)
Book presentation The Last Supper,
Wilde Weten, Rotterdam

03/2010 (NL)
Book presentation,
The Last Supper at Steetlab Zine Jam,

04/2010 (NL)
Selected entry Zine Festival,
Cannot Connect, Sonsbeek Villa, Arnhem

07/2010 (NL)
Exhibition Kolabo Summer Lab -
two week think tank on omnipresent social
media, special Guest: Rob van Kranenburg

10/2010 (UK)
Presentation and contribution for
opening, GalleryBetween. Studio B, London

11/2010 (NL)
Chair at review board for submissions
and presentations at PrintRoom tasks included
curation, planning and general volunteering (1 1/2 year)

03/2009 (NYC)
Launch Nature versus Culture,
published by Graphic Union Press

04/2009 (F)
Selected entry Manystuff About
Your Process 2, published by Charlotte Cheetham

06/2008 (NL)
ArtEZ Academy Arnhem Final
Year Catalogue, selected artwork cover,
published by ArtEZ, Arnhem, NL

10/2008 (NYC) Typedesign Spelling Change
for Obama’s election campaign,
organized by Mother New York, NYC

11/2008 (ESP)
Selected entry, visual-dentity
Disseny D’HUB, published by Disseny
D’HUB, Barcelona