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Citysalad 0.-

A self-initated project that advertises local, wild edible plants. Where most field guides present complicated maps and drawings which are inaccessible to users, Citysalad seeks to communicate knowledge of these plants to a diverse audience in the most simple language possible. To that end, we utilised a visual language similar to that used by Dutch retail chain, HEMA. This resulted in a set of product-cards (a spring and autumn edition) funded by Rotterdamse Oogst and a series of interventions, exhibitions, presentations and even catering events. You can find some of the events below including our mission statement.

Mission statement: On the fringes of the city, in abandoned gardens, and on bare ground a bounty of the best edible plants can be found from Dandelions to Red Clover and Arugula to Hazelnuts. They are not spawned from the crops which are planted, but are the weeds of the city, the pioneers who unwittingly reclaim their place in the urban landscape. Although these wonderful pioneers for years were part of our daily meals, they’ve gradually fallent into oblivion. Citysalad is a tribute to these pioneers, both for their beauty as for their taste.

Citysalad was created in collaboration with Tanja Koning and presented at various avenues, exhibitions and presentations that evolve around local and prospective food production, sustainable knowledge and reuse of abandoned areas in and around the city: 2013 CBK, Assen, exhibition entry / Festival N.A.T.U.R, Bochum, exhibition entry / Mutuo Art Centre SHS, Barcelona, exhibition entry / 2012, Schowroom Arnhem,  exhibition entry / KrachtGroen.nl, Sittard, presentation – catering / Zaait! Rotterdamse Oogst, presentation- launch / Rotterdamse Oogst Festival, presentation- launch – tour / Imagine 2020 Festival, Rotterdam
, presentation